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With over a 20 years of experience of interior design and project planning in Canada and different countries, We are proud to offer design, 3D modeling services, project planning, budgeting, remodeling, renovation and design-build projects for interior designers, general contractors and homeowners, working side by side with the client over every detail from the beginning of the conceptual study till the final hand over of the project.

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Our experienced team will work by all means to reach beyond the client expectation.

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Small Office.

Designating an area in your house as an office becomes one of the most important needs these days. Lately this office area is becoming one of the most essential parts of the house. We get to spend many hours every day in this spot.

Nai acoustic can create an elegant, comfortable, functional, organized and fully equipped office area. This area is provided with the best accessories that organize your productive work area.
No matter if the area is big or small, personal or for the whole family we can create a beautiful spot that is pleasant to stay in.

Housing Project


With the collaboration of the most proficient landscape companies we can offer breathtaking and charming landscape designs that combine the beauty of nature , simplicity, calmness and best functionality, we provide full detailed drawings for your green area.

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